fzmb Ltd

The veterinary clinic, founded in 2000 as part of the fzmb GmbH, specialises in the treatment of horses and cattle, but also small animals. The focus of the orthopaedic topics is the development of novel procedures for the therapy of damage to the hyaline joint cartilage. The focus of the internal medicine topics is on lung function diagnostics, the use of the respiratory air as a diagnostically usable matrix and the examination of the performance of the sport horse. The development and testing of novel approaches to the therapy of tumour diseases was started 10 years ago. A therapy based on the use of dendritic cells (DC) was developed and tested and protocols for photodynamic tumour therapy were worked on. The fzmb is also in charge of stock management for various zoos in Thuringia.

Core competencies for the network: Veterinary care for zoo animals