Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM)

IZM provides support, for example, in the reliable packaging of electronic products and the integration of electronics. Its expertise lies particularly in the areas of Substrate Integration Technologies, Wafer Level Integration Technologies, Materials, Reliability and Sustainable Development as well as System Design. The focus here is on increasing reliability, integrating sensors and actuators as well as miniaturisation and adaptation to given installation spaces with a clear application reference. For example, IZM miniaturises sensor technology in textiles or thin, stretchable materials in order to integrate them into 3D-shaped surfaces. The institute has a modern manufacturing and development infrastructure. New methods and tools are developed for the technology-oriented design of electronic systems. This is done on the basis of development-accompanying simulations of the various phenomena of electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical couplings.

Core competencies for the network: Robust, miniaturised sensor technology