Veterinary Practice Dr. Jens Siebert

Dr Siebert has already been working as a veterinarian for many years and set up his own branch in 2019. A complete service portfolio is offered for small animals as well as for mules and old world camels. In addition to veterinary care and preventive care, explicit reference is made to the medical care of older animals. Special know-how exists in the context of cryosurgery as well as in relation to parasitological examinations. As an alternative to the common prophylactic non-specific treatment approach, the company offers the regular examination of faecal samples to reliably detect a parasite infestation. Anti-parasitic drugs can then be applied precisely and parasite-specifically, and limited to a medically sensible level. Dr. Siebert's team regularly appears in lectures and publications..

Core competencies for the network: Veterinary care