The work focuses on the health and welfare of farm animals and the protection of humans from zoonoses, i.e. infections transmissible between animals and humans.  The Institute of Infectious Medicine is part of the FLI. Research here focuses on the aetiology, pathogenesis and diagnostics as well as the control of infectious diseases in economically relevant aquatic animals (fish, molluscs, crustaceans) as well as in wild animals and bees. The OIE and National Reference Laboratory for Koi Herpesvirus Infection has to ensure the diagnosis of KHV-I on the basis of the Fish Disease Ordinance and the Animal Health Act. Research foci of the National Reference Laboratory are patho- and immunogenesis in infections of aquatic animals, diagnostics of KHV-I, the carrier fish problem as well as investigations e.g. on the vaccination of carp against KHV-I as well as of glass eels against the eel herpesvirus and against the pear virus of eels.

Core competencies for the network: Diseases of aquatic livestock and wildlife, diagnostics and vaccination.